Rediscover the emotion of your hair.

To feel good, we must like each other.


Feeling good is a need of everyone, and on the contrary, insecurity or discomfort can cause disappointments, and small or big failures. No exception is the care of the hair, that is able to give satisfactory answers to those who suffer from alopecia, hair loss due to some diseases, for example the action of chemotherapeutic or radiation therapies.

Today, trichology offers specific treatments. The new trichology allows forms of cosmetic thickening of the hair with fixed prostheses, which integrate the remaining hair.

The latest generation systems, with real hair, on ultra-thin bases of a few microns are really indistinguishable from the hair . There is the possibility of making a gradual thickening, which simulates natural re-growth, choosing from a wide range of colors, graying, and following over time the natural browning of the foliage.

In the vast majority of men, hair loss,  is linked to the action of a testosterone derivative, DHEA, starting from the temples and the vertex, saving almost invariably the crown and the nape. Since the hair bulbs in the back of the neck are not sensitive to the action of testosterone, you can replace these with the bulbs lost on the temples and on the forehead.

Since the surgical sessions of monobulbar transplants, do not require incisions and stitches, are not the cause of scars and make it much better from the aesthetic point of view of the old techniques.

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