The company

Our company is called EVOLUTION STYLE, a trichology center situated in Olbia, in a very quiet and relaxing area, ideal for people who love privacy.

Later, we decided to open a center in Sassari. We were happy to meet the needs of our fellow citizens and those of neighboring villages, in the heart of the city center, with one of the most striking scenery in the area, all with the privacy .

Thanks to the different requests from people from the southern part of Sardinia, we have decided to opened a center in Cagliari in a beautiful location with a big parking.

OUR motto.

One day a very important person for us asked us: "What is communication for you?", Anwering quickly was impossible and at the end he told us his thought: " For me, communication means to be sincerely interested in others ".
We really liked this statement and from that day we decided to make it our motto. In those few words there is exactly enclosed the true essence of our being.

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