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IONIX 3T hair is real hair, selected, controlled and transformed with an innovative patented process (Italian patent n ° 0001392030 - European patent n ° 2358794 - Chinese patent n ° 200980148372.6 - U.S. Patent No. 13/130823).

IONIX 3T hair is different from other types of hair, such as treated hair, European hair, virgin hair, for their ability to retain moisture and hydration for a long time.


How do they work?

The ability to retain water and the 5 functions of 3T IONIX hair, allow the hair to be soft, hydrated and shiny every day. The operation of 3T IONIX hair is completely new.

The 5 functions of 3t ion hair are:




Adhesion system

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The main causes of the reduced lasting of a skin adherence system are due to the lack of transpiration of traditional cohesives (both tape and in liquids).
This is the reason why the 3T TECHNOLOGY was created.

With 3T LEATHER, thanks to the Active Oxygen Microbubbles (MOXA) you will have a transpiring  product that allows an absolutely natural sweating. In fact, the MOXA inside the 3T MEMBRANE absorbs the excess of sweat.
Thanks to the process of the creation of natural transpiration, the bacterial proliferation is drastically reduced.
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Many studies have been conducted on the rheostatic action of the patented 3T IONIX technology, conducted by different laboratories and universities. After a few minutes of the application of 3T IONIX there is a reduction of 99% of the bacterial count of over 650 bacterial families and a total inhibition of their proliferation.
In a specific way, repeated laboratory tests on the microbiological bacterial count showed a lack of bacterial colonies (pseudomonas aeruginosa, pseudomonas cepacea, escherichia coli, staffilococcus aureus, steptococcus fecalis), yeasts (candida albicans) and fungi (aspergillus niger). The result on the field, highlighted by over a year of tests on hundreds of users, is a feeling of great comfort and clean.
In no case were any irritation problems and even after very long periods.



LABORATORY ANALYSIS: the study performed through Kissinger analysis demonstrates a significant increase in the energy required to desorb the water; this means a slower release of the steam, that is more strongly linked to the 3T hair.
3T technology modifies the interaction with water by a significant increasing of the keratin-water polymer binding energy.
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