• What is a hair transplant?
    It is a surgical operation performed under local anesthesia, in which some hair of the parietal and occipital area are moved to the area affected by baldness.
  • How many autotransplant techniques exist?
    The most performed autotransplant techniques are the FUSS/FUT and the FUE .
    In the FUSS (follicular unit strip surgery) a flap of scalp is removed from the area of the nape, is sectioned and the hair cleaned from the dermis and regretted one by one in the thinned area.
    This technique is quite invasive and leaves an evident scar in the occipital area.

    FUE (follicular unit extraction) is a monobulbar autotransplant, in fact the hair is taken one by one from the thickest area avoiding points and scars evident and transferred into the bald area.
  • Is the autotransplant definitive?
    The implanted hair will not fall, but this will not prevent the progression of baldness.
    To slow down this process you can make some hair treatments.
  • Why choose a hair prosthesis?

    You can choose a hair prosthesis because it is a non-invasive thickening.

    The prosthesis is made of real hair which have the same characteristics and no one will ever think of you as a person who had no hair.
  • What is the difference between hair implants and wigs?
    The prostheses are different from the wigs because they reflect exactly the measures of the glabrous area, also remain adhered to the scalp from a minimum of 15 days to over 2 months, and are real hair.
    The wigs, however have standard measures and should be removed every day and the hair is often in synthetic fiber of poor or good quality. However, there are also those made of real hair.
  • How much does the thickening cost?
    The price depends on the type of thickening you choose and on the measures of the alopecica area.
  • How long does it take to get my hair back?
    Each case is different, however, we can say that the time in most cases is short. 90% of the people who ask  us an advice has the result within a few days of the first consultation.
  • When is it possible to make trichological treatment?

    The trichological treatment is recommended for all those who have an anomaly in the scalp (dandruff, sebum, seborrheic dermatitis, etc.) and to those who start losing their hair .
    We use specific products for each individual case.
    These products are based on natural essential oils, plant extracts, keratin and various active ingredients.

    They have been tested micro biologically and bacteriologically.

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