Hair loss solution


HAIR FALL is a problem that affects men between 20 and 40 years on average, but with the evolution of times, climate change and the daily stress, this phenomenon is growing and in the last few years has also had a dramatic increase among women

444Which are the solutions?
There are different methods to prevent the fall of your hair, especially to RIACQUIRE YOUR HAIR. We are able to recommend a PATENTED TECHNOLOGY, for the regrowth of your hair. WITH US YOU CAN.

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We are the once in Sardinia to have the two medical devices of class 1 (hair with 3T technology and CNC natural hair contact) of the respective leading companies in the thickening sector: Sicurmatica società per l’estetica del capello and the Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories .






  • a quality service and courtesy
  • new look for chemotheraphy patients
  • confidentiality in the treatment of the client (reserved offices and  privacy)
  • the best products on the market
  • gradual change of your look
  • expertise in this area thanks to the experience in haircare services during 18 years of activity
  • immediate improvement of the look
  • low costs and personalized payment services.


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